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How to Best Keep Dehydration at Bay

How to Best Keep Dehydration at BaySeniors do not feel thirsty as quickly as the younger ones. It is the main reason why they are very prone to dehydration. Dehydration can happen anytime. Not because it is summer or winter, and no one likes drinking too much. This is due to body changes, especially in how the kidneys function. Symptoms include headaches, constipation, dry mouth, low urine output, irritability, sleeplessness, body weakness, or cramping in the limbs.

One quick way to test dehydration is by pinching the back of the hand of the elderly. If the skin doesn’t fall quickly, then they are dehydrated. Hydration does not only do our kidneys and other organs a favor. It also gives good benefits to the skin. An in-home care in Indianapolis, Indiana, lists down ways you can help them stay hydrated:

  • Remind them to drink always
    If they don’t like plain water, encourage them to drink fluids with fruits to add some flavor. Try adding lemons, berries, limes, mint, or cucumbers, depending on what they might like. Soups and smoothies are also a good alternative. In providing personal care,one needs to be creative for our loved ones.
  • Wear breathable material
    Sweating means loss of body water. Allow the body to breathe naturally by wearing only breathable materials like cotton and linen.
  • Make them avoid alcohol, caffeine, or sugary drinks
    These drinks speed up the dehydration process, so better remind your loved ones to avoid consuming these drinks. Senior care in Indiana assistance can help you with this.

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