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How to Keep Mental Sharpness in the Golden Years

how-to-keep-mental-sharpness-in-the-golden-yearsIt’s no secret that advancing age is often accompanied by changes that affect several aspects of a person’s life. While it’s true that physical ailments often dominate, senior care in Indiana does not overlook the implications of age on other aspects of health, such as cognitive and emotional health.

For this reason, attempts to increase the quality of life of seniors should adopt a holistic care strategy, rather than merely focusing on alleviating physical conditions.

While it’s true that seniors are vulnerable to cognitive decline, there are numerous strategies to maintain and even boost their cognitive health, too. A few examples are:

  • Learn a new skill.

    In addition to being enjoyable, learning something new may assist to stimulate the brain. As per studies, memory enhancement in seniors who learned a new skill was greater than in those who merely engaged in social activities or less cognitively demanding activities.

  • Stay social.

    Participating in social activities and having discussions are excellent brain stimulants. Maintaining ties with friends and loved ones will help keep your spirits up and your mind active. For seniors who are living alone, a home health aide can provide a steady source of interaction.

  • Maintain a daily routine.

    Because our routines may provide our brains with a sense of security and consistency, daily routines can help you stay routinely engaged with the things that you are comfortable with. If you experience challenges with some of your routines, make use of home care assistance providers.

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