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Consider These Senior Foot Care Recommendations

consider-these-senior-foot-care-recommendationsFoot health is crucial for people of all ages, including your older loved ones getting senior care in Indiana.

Seniors may struggle to care for their feet on their own. Foot care can be challenging due to poor vision, arthritis, and other ailments. If your loved ones cannot care for their feet, they will require assistance. We can assure you of holistic care.

Consider the following elderly foot care tips:

  • Maintain Good Foot Hygiene

    Every day, wash their feet with warm water and gentle soap. Remember to properly dry their feet, including between the toes, to help prevent fungus. Our home health aide can assist your elderly with foot care and overall personal hygiene.

  • Examine the Feet Regularly

    Your loved ones may not notify you if they have foot problems. Your loved ones may be unable to feel their feet if they have an illness such as diabetes. Examine their feet regularly for changes such as cuts, calluses, cracks, ingrown nails, or anything else that does not appear normal.

  • Maintain Proper Toenail Trimming

    Your loved ones may have difficulties walking if their toes become too long. Ingrown nails are another possibility. Keep their toes neatly groomed to help prevent these issues. Trim the nails straight across.

  • Get Assistance with Foot Care

    You may not have much time to spend on foot care if you juggle a career and children. Personal care is one of the many services we provide at HappyChoice Home Care LLC. Allowing a professional to help your loved ones with their regular foot care routine can alleviate some of your stress.

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